Docile Dolls Purchase Agreement

This agreement was made on _____/_______/20____

between Sellers/Owners of Docile Dolls
Buyer _______________________________________________________.

1. The Buyer agrees to buy from the Sellers/Owners of Docile Dolls the following cat upon the terms and conditions of the agreement: (To be completed at time of pickup)

a. Breed: RAGDOLL
b. Birth Date: __________________
c. Color: _______________
d. Sex: ____________________
e. Sire: ________________________
f. Dam: ________________________

2. The Buyer shall pay to Seller the sum of $_____________________for the cat/s.
Minus deposit of $___________________________.
Balance received: $____________________________.

3. The Sellers/Owner of Docile Dolls and the Buyer acknowledge and agree that the cat is being purchased as (circle one)

a.) Pet Onlyc.) Show Only
b.) Breederd.) Show/Breeder

4. Cats sold for Pet only or Show only will be spayed or neutered by a licensed veterinarian before Buyer receives the Registration Papers so that the cat may not reproduce or be used for breeding.
(Spay or neutering can be done by Sellers/Owners of Docile Dolls before new kitten is picked up at no
Additional charge, but kitten will not be able to be picked up until health clearance is given by Sellers/Owners Licensed Veterinarian. However please understand and research the health benefits and risks of doing such an operation on a young kitten. We the Sellers/Owners of Docile Dolls leave the choice at the discretion of the new owners of the kitten to do this or not. If the choice is made to spay or neuter yourself as the new owner the registration papers will NOT BE RELEASED UNTIL PROOF OF SPAY OR NEUTER IS MAILED TO SELLERS/OWNERS OF DOCILE DOLLS CATTERY)

5. Show classification stipulates that the cat is qualified to show according to breed standards (TICA) but does not guarantee success in competition.

6. Please see attached Breeder Agreement if the cat is sold as a Breeder.

7. Docile Dolls will provide the Buyer with a TICA or CFA registration application & the kitten’s original registration papers. But, the Buyer will submit the registration paperwork and fee to transfer the registration papers into their name. Docile Dolls must remain at the heading of the kitten’s name. Name should read Docile Dolls ……… then the kittens first and second name.

8. This cat has been immunized for Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus (Distemper) around 6 weeks and 10 weeks (Eclipse 3 by Schering Plough, a modified live vaccine). The next vaccination is due when the cat is one-year old and every three years after that. A rabies vaccine is recommended when kitten reaches 16 weeks old.

9. This cat has been de-wormed using Pyrantel and has been checked by a Licensed Veterinarian and given a clean bill of health.

10. In the Buyer’s interest, it is recommended that the kitten be given a veterinarian health check within 7 days of purchase to confirm the kitten is in good health.

11. Seller provides the following guarantee:
a) Cat is guaranteed for 48 hours against upper respiratory infection, fleas, worms, fungus and ear mites.
b) (The kitten has been started on kitten Revolution, and it is highly recommended (although it’s at the new owners discretion) to continue as this will help to protect your kitten from fleas, ticks, it also prevents heart worms, treats and controls ear mites, treats and controls hookworm & roundworm.
c) Seller guarantees the cat does not have FELV or FIV at the time of pickup or delivery. Docile Doll does not ship kittens.
d) Docile Dolls guarantees against hereditary and congenital defects that cause death (PKD, and MSP1 and MSPM) for the life of the cat. In the unlikely event that death occurs due to a defect, the Sellers/Owners of Docile Dolls will provide another kitten of equal value. The cat’s cause of death must be verified by a Licensed Veterinarian and through autopsy. The buyer must also provide documentation of the cat’s full medical history.

12. Buyer agrees not to have the kitten vaccinated for FIP or FeLV as these vaccinations are of questionable benefit and can have injection site complications. If Buyer decides to have these vaccinations given, the health guarantee becomes null and void.

13. The Buyer agrees that this cat will be allowed outdoors only if supervised or within a safe enclosure and that the cat will not be de-clawed. If the cat is de-clawed, the health guarantee becomes null and void.

14. The Buyer is responsible for all veterinarian expenses incurred while the cat is in the Buyer’s care and will notify Docile Dolls if this cat develops any major health problems. As to where it can if possible be prevented in future kittens.

15. Kittens may show signs of stress including, but not limited to, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea and/or constipation. Following the New Kitten Instructions should help the kitten make a smooth transition.

16. The Buyer agrees that this cat will not be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, research laboratory, shelter or similar facility and that the Seller be notified immediately if the Buyer intends to do so, or if by some unforeseen circumstances the buyer becomes unable to care for the kitten/cat sufficiently, the Sellers/ Owners of Docile Dolls Cattery holds the right of 1st option buy back at reason rate per age/health/circumstances of kitten/cat.

17. The kitten/ cat may be returned to Docile Dolls at any time and for any reason without question to be re-homed. The Seller retains the first option to re-adopt and re-home the cat.

18. The Buyer agrees to update the Seller on the progress of the cat as a breeder, show cat or pet. The Seller agrees to offer advice and counsel, when possible, without liability.

19. This contract is non-transferable.

By signing below, the Buyer and Seller indicate that they have read and agree with all the stated terms of this agreement:
Buyer’s Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ( ) ______ – ______

Buyer’s Signature: ____________________________________________
Seller’s Signature: ____________________________________________