Here are just a few of our Past Kittens.

Opal & Elvis Feb 2017 litter

Opal’s July 2016 Litter

Jazzy & Dora’s litter from February 2016

Kitten Quotes:
“What do you mean it’s time to wake up? It’s nap time!”
“NOOOOOO, I don’t want my face washed!”
“What’s this ‘look at me & try and hold still’, UGH pictures again!”


Herbie is a prime example of one of our Seal Pointed Kittens and as you can see not spoiled by his family at all!

June 2015 Litters

Jazzy & Elvis

Willow & Bobo

These beautiful and adorable kittens are from our last Spring & Summer litters this year 2015!

They are prime examples on what to expect from a Docile Dolls Kittens.
Some faces resemble sweet angels

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One of Dora’s Past litters. Just so beautiful and diverse!

Dora and her cute babies!

A much loved DocileDoll kitten.

AWWWW! So cute! Mama Dora with her DocileDolls kittens!

Dociledolls Lettin’ It Ryde
Seal Lynx Bicolor Male